The Smokery  

Colonial smokehouse. Boone Hall Plantation, SC. 

Offering a full range of smokehouse meats, The Smokery is the new way to rock your family dinners or bring the most popular dish to the party without having to lift a finger.
Smoking was originally developed in the ancient world to preserve food. Along the way, humans realized that while preserving was the goal, smoking adds wonderful natural flavors.  You will have no problem feeding the family our fresh smoked meats that have
no preservatives, no additives, nor enhancements.
These custom smoked meats are slow smoked to lock in the flavor and tenderness. Come and see that we are not just blowing a bunch of smoke! 

Selection (availability due to market)

Beef Brisket

Pork Boston Butts

Pork Chops


Chicken Leg Quarters


Variety of Sausages

Hams (limited availability)


Turkeys (limited availability)

Beef Bacon

Our Smokeologist works tirelessly to provide the best smoked items fresh daily for your table so you don't have to. He is always on hand for questions.  Most items are available during operating hours and we will take preorders and special orders.