Hours of Operation: 
Tuesday- Saturday 10 am- 6 pm .
Closed Sunday and Monday 

Savannah, GA's Meat Market of Choice!

Ogeechee Meat Market is a family-owned and operated business located on Savannah's south side. We specialize in old-fashioned service in a fast-paced world. Our mission is to provide the best meat at the best price.

What make us Special?

  • Family Owned and Operated with over 50 years meat experience
  • Clean Facility 
  • Knowledgeable Full Service Staff
  • Fresh Cut Meat with no additives/preservatives
  • Special cuts available


  • Natural grass and grain fed Angus Beef 
  • Natural Pasture raised Lamb
  • Premium All Natural Pork 
  • All Natural Chicken 
  • Home made sausages
  • Whole hogs & whole lamb
  • whole beef (as well as halves and quarters) 
  • Organic Beef and Chicken 
The Original Savannah Steak

Late in2012 the final ingredients came together for the our ultimate spin on Surf & Turf.  What could be better than crab and steak in every mouth watering bite. Don't let the imitations throw you. Our great creation is the original, the best and the only one worthy of the name...  The Savannah Steak.

Homemade Sausage!

We specialize in making our own fresh sausages. We are the only butcher shop in Savannah and surrounding area to have this great quality and quantity of flavors! Our fresh sausages are made of premium pork and come in a variety of flavors. Click on the Sausage tab to learn more. 
Homemade Summer Sausage.
It is the only local freshly made summer sausage in the greater area!! Made with 100% Black Angus beef and our very own mix of fresh seasonings without preservatives. It is a great addition to our renowned sausages. It would be a great snack for company to munch on or for an after school snack. Available year-round for picnics and the big game day snack line up.
Homemade Patties
We also make our own line of Angus chuck patties. They are fully made and packaged here. We carry quarter-pound patties on hand for immediate purchases or we can make you any size you want. We always strive to provide the best and our Angus ground chuck patties are no exception.
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