Homemade Sausages!

We specialize in making our own fresh sausages. We are the only butcher shop in Savannah and surrounding area to have this great quality and quantity of flavors! 

  • 28 different flavors of Sausage
  • made of all natural premium pork Boston butts (not that leftover stuff others use)
  • no hormone, no steroids added and gluten free. 
  • made in store with our own family recipes, using only the freshest spices and ingredients available. 
  • 12 flavors available everyday. With some flavors available seasonally or by special request. 
Mild Country
Hot Country
Vidalia Onion
Jalapeno and Cheese
Ghost Pepper
Bacon and Cheddar 
Beer Brats 
Southwest Chipolte
Chili Cheese
Weiss wurst
English Bangers
Cheesy Breakfast
Maple Breakfast
Sweet Italian
Buffalo seasoned
Chicken Garlic
Loose country
Smoked Keilbasa
Ogeechee Smoked Sausage
** Only some flavors are available all the time. Others are seasonal. You may special order a flavor with a 3 lb. minimum. 

All the flavors are available in mild or hot and in link or loose forms. Rope form is available by order.  We are even able to make all-beef sausage or all-turkey sausage upon special request! Come in and try some... you won't believe what you've been missing!

Award Winning Sausages!

Homemade Summer Sausage.

  • The only local freshly made summer sausage in the greater area!! 
  • 100% Black Angus beef 
  • fresh seasonings 
  • No additives nor preservatives.

Available in: Plain, Cheese or Jalapeno and cheese

 Homemade Hot-dogs

  • All Beef 
  • Gluten Free
  • Fresh made seasoning
  • No additives nor preservatives