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How the flat iron steak got its name.

Posted by the Ogeechee Butcher on Tuesday, February 26, 2013, In : knowledge 
Hey everyone! Well this steak's name is fairly simple to explain but its history is interesting. This steak has begun to gain quite a fallowing here in the US lately. So much so that you can now find it in some major steak house restaurants. But over a decade ago this piece of meat was considered a "junk" or grind piece. (This means it was cut off and considered trimmings that would become ground meat.) But years ago many research dollars were spent to find "new" cuts that could help boost sa...
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The 7 bone Roast

Posted by the Ogeechee Meat Market Butcher on Monday, August 27, 2012, In : knowledge 
We continue our series on cuts and how they got their name. Today is a discussion on the 7 bone Roast. Lets start with what the 7 bone roast is: The 7-bone roast is the bone in version of the Chuck Roast. The Chuck is the shoulder of the cow and is very well marbled. The chuck is excellent for the crock pot or slow cooker and is just as tasty as an oven pot roast. The Chuck is surely the king of beef roasts: easy to cook, moist and tender even at medium-well and versatile.
Back to the name. T...
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How the Swiss steak got its name.

Posted by the Butcher on Thursday, August 2, 2012, In : knowledge 
Hey again everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. There are great things happening at the meat market. We have moved into our third week in our new improved facility and are loving the new look and extra space. If you haven't been in then you don't know what you are missing.

To the matter at hand. What is a true Swiss steak? They are the equal to a cubed steak actually. The "swiss" does not refer to Switzerland but rather the process the steak goes under. "Swissing" refers to the process fabri...
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The new and improved on 101 page

Posted by the Butcher on Tuesday, March 9, 2010, In : latest at Ogeechee 
Hey everyone,

I just wanted to encourage everyone to continue to send in any and all questions you may have relating to the meat industry and our store. I would also like to take an a second and introduce you to our 101 page.

There you can learn about our suppliers, view some literature on our store filled with helpful hints, and so much more. You can also see some cool sites that show diagrams of animals, teach how to cut and other interesting things. Take a look around and have some fun... ...
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When pigs fly

Posted by Ogeechee Butcher on Wednesday, August 12, 2009, In : About the Market 
Dear Butcher,

Thank you for taking my question.  My family does not eat pork.  Are you willing to substitute chicken or beef for the pork items in the packages that you offer? 
Michelle Z.
Fort Stewart, GA 

Hey Michelle,
Yes, you can substitute out of our packages. We know that not everyone eats the same things and so we are flexible. The substitutions are done by the price value ...
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