Holiday Items

November 2, 2009
It is that time of year again! And I can almost taste it! Oh, all of that great holiday meals are just weeks away. We are now taking orders for all of your holiday meats. We are now taking orders for our all natural never frozen turkey. We have been selling them for going on six years and if you haven't had one you don't know what you're missing. Fresh can never be out done. Plus, they are perfect for your fried turkeys.

Also available are Rib Roasts and Crown Roasts all cut to order. We will also be accepting orders for them so that we can ensure that you will have it for your table this year.

We have great smoked hams available for the Holidays also. We have Ga's own D.L.Lee hams, which are the lowest sodium ham on the market (and ooo, so good) and spiral hams. Both are available in whole or half.

We also have duck, Cornish hens and what ever else you can dream up... and yes, we can help prep your Tur-duc-en also. We are the ones that can help you get what you want and make the meal the least stressful part of the Holidays.

Order Today and ensure that you get what you want!
Happy grillin'!

Now on Facebook!

October 13, 2009
Hey everyone,

I just want to take a little time to thank all of my readers, question ask-ers, and friends. Thank you for keeping my website flowing and active. Thank you for suggesting things to add and fix.

I also would like to invite you to be my friend on facebook. Just look up Ogeechee Meat Market.

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Beefing up

October 13, 2009
Dear Butcher,

I heard from my neighbor that we can buy half cows from you. Could you tell me more about this?

Suzanne J.
Rincon, GA

Dear Suzanne,

Thanks for the inquiry! This is just one of the things that sets us apart from all of the other butcher shops in the greater area. We don't just offer halves of cows but also whole and quarters of cows; as well as, whole/half pigs. The meat is still the Black Angus Choice Beef and premium pork we have built our business on and it is all fresh never frozen.

The process is simple you come in and tell us what you want and we will cut and package the meat the way you want. Everything will be vacuumed packed and marked so all you have to do is pick it up and put it in the freezer.

So what will be best for me or my family? First, I would suggest to get something that will not last you more than six months. This tips goes back to the blogged question "to Freeze or not to Freeze". So anything that would last you six or less months is what you should shot for.

 You can refer to our 101 page on our website for charts that break down the cuts,so here is just a quick look of the process...

1. Before you come in you may want to decide what you want a Whole, half, or quarter.  A whole may be too much for your family or your freezer. We suggest you not buy more than what your family will eat in six months. If you decide you want a quarter, you will have to decide whether you want a front or hind quarter. The front gives you some Chuck Roasts/steaks, Rib Eyes, Briskets, Short Ribs, and Shank (this is not an exhaustive list.); while your hind quarter will give you a majority of your steaks: T-Bone, Porterhouse, Round Roast/steaks, Sirloin... etc.

We can help you decide which would be better for your family and you can check out the charts located above on this page.

2. When you come in we will go over the parts that make up your order and decide how you want it cut, the thickness or size of each, how you want it packed and other special requests. We will make Ground meat with the trimmings from your cuts and we can also make stir fry, stew, sausage and much more. We want you to have what your family will eat so we are flexible.

3. We will take your information so we can be in touch if there are any questions that arise during processing and to contact you when we are done. We will take a small deposit and you are good to go.

4. It usually takes three to four days for us to get the meat in, cut and pack it how you want so it does not take long at all. When you pick it up the meat will be packed and marked so it is ready to go in the freeze. Essentially, we will customize it to your needs. We will also need a small deposit.

It only takes three to four days for us to get it in and cut it and have it ready for you to pick up. It is a simple ordering process that will give you months of great dinners at a wonderful price.

If you have further questions shoot me another message or gives us a call. You should also check out our 101- "How to" Guide for Buying a Whole Cows/ Pigs.

Great Question, thank you for reading! Keep'em coming guys!!

Until next time, good grillin'! 

To Freeze or not to Freeze....

September 12, 2009


How to's of Meal Deals

August 25, 2009
Dear Butcher,

My family and I live in the Savannah area and purchase most of our meats from Sam's Club.  I have had always thought about purchasing it bulk from the meat market, but I am clueless about how to do it and what to ask for.  We are a family of four.  What is the price per pound?  How long would it last?  I guess I am asking for the how to's of purchasing meat this way.  Thanks so much!

Savannah, GA 


Thank you for your question. This may be a little lengthy but I want to properly answer your question so please bare with me. ;-)
Buying in bulk can save you a lot of time and money. Unfortunately, buying in bulk to warehouse grocers is buying two huge roast at a time or a whole pork loin. While this is great for large families it doesn't work as well for a family of six or smaller who find that the rest of the meat ends up being frozen and sometimes forgotten or unwanted until it is to late and it freezer burns. 
At Ogeechee we have several options of buying in bulk. If you are looking to feed a lot of people we offer whole cases of all we carry, as well as loins in beef and pork items. This is also good for families that eat a lot of something in particular like a loin of Rib Eyes or a loin of pork chops. These can be great tools for the family but they are usually more than what a family would need on a regular bases.
Here is where we separate our meat market from the warehouse grocer. We offer a line of meat packages; these packages are helpful for those of you who are trying to stay within a budget, have to feed a lot of mouths or just want to fill up the freezer. All of our meat is fresh and never frozen. These packages come in a variety of sizes and a variety of items. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for the families.
We know it is a little overwhelming at first to look at all the packages at once so here is how I would start rather than just going through all the packages. Pick a price range you want to spend and start looking at them that way. If you find a package you like but there is an item or two you don't want don't worry because we will trade out items for you. (we don't trade out more than three.)
Depending on how much you all eat... Deals #1-7 (3 lbs. each item) should do well for you or if your budget is bigger the Freezer Deals will do well too. The good thing about the Freezer Deals come vacuum packed the specifically the way your family needs it and is ready for the freezer.
So, here is the question... What do they cost per pound and is it worth it?? Depending on the package the price ranges from as little as $2.20 lb. to $4.50 lb.(the $4.50 are those bigger freezer steak deals) So yes, you definitely save. And with the smaller amounts you can get you don't have a million pork chops in the freezer at the end of the month not the lost freezer burnt steaks that were at the bottom.
So how long will it last? Well, our packages contain the same meat that is in our cases. That means it is all fresh and never frozen. If you get a non-vacuum packed package then it will last five to six weeks (if you just slip the items in a zip-lock freezer bag). If the package is vacuumed then the product can last as long as six months.
These packages add to the options for our customers. We have several who love to come in and just pick out what they eat out of the cases and then we have those who come in a buy a couple packages at a time.
I know this is a lot thrown at you but come on in and let us show you it is so much greater than it seems. We pride ourselves in our products and the quality we will not compromise. And we are positive that you will love our products and personal service to a point that is way above the super grocer.
If your still not sure come on in and try something out of the case or just ask anyone to help you go thru some packages. Everything is intimidating the first time. It only takes once to become a pro at Ogeechee Meat Market. We are the ones with the know-how! 
I hope I answered all your questions and feel free to email more. We can also talk it over on the phone or in person like I said.
Thank you for the question!! Keep'em coming!
Until next time, good grillin'!  

When pigs fly

August 12, 2009
Dear Butcher,

Thank you for taking my question.  My family does not eat pork.  Are you willing to substitute chicken or beef for the pork items in the packages that you offer? 
Michelle Z.
Fort Stewart, GA 

Hey Michelle,
Yes, you can substitute out of our packages. We know that not everyone eats the same things and so we are flexible. The substitutions are done by the price value so if you are wanting to trade out an item like Pork Chops this is how it is figured:
                                                      $3.29 - price of pork chops in the case
                                                    X     3 lb. - amount of item in that deal
                                                      ~ $10 for you to trade for another item
So, in this example you can use that  $10 credit for any item (Beef, chicken, vegys..etc.) that you would prefer to have. This can also be a way to double up on something your family eats a lot of like Ground beef for example.
In addition to being able to substitute, we have a number of packages available that do not have pork in them. Meal Deal #7 and Meal Deal #10 do not have pork. Those packages though are dependent on the size family and type of budget you are working with.
And staying on the same subject we have a couple meal packages that are not listed here on the website. One being our meal deal of the month and (which will be of more interest to you) the create your own package. Where you can go line by line and pick out seven items of your choice for $55.99. So if you wanted to leave out the pork it would be quite easy to do so.
As you can see we try to be very flexible and easy going... so I hope I answered your question. We are always here to answer questions and you should definitely come in and we can talk in person about the deals. We are always willing to help!!
Thank you for the question! And until next time Good grillin'!

Making the Grade

August 7, 2009

Dear Butcher,

In the previous questions you mentioned the grades of meat, would you please explain them and there differences?

-April Savannah, Ga.


Thanks for the question. Each type of meat have a different grade system. (Thank you US government.)  The grades are quality grades of meat. Chicken: Grade A is the highest quality poultry and usually the only grade found in retail stores. Grade A poultry is free of defects such as bruises and broken bones. Whole birds and parts are fully fleshed and meaty. For birds and parts with the skin on, there are no tears in the skin and a good covering of fat under the skin. Grade B and Grade C are used in processed meat products.

Pork is not given USDA quality grades as the meat is generally more uniform and tender than the others.

Lamb grades are:

Prime -         Has abundant marbling and is generally very juicy and tender.
  Choice- Has less marbling than Prime grades, but is still high quality.

Good, utility- These cuts are seldom sold in retail stores.


Beef and Veal Grades:

Prime-             Has abundant marbling and is generally sold in restaurants and hotels.

Choice-           Has less marbling than Prime grades, but is still high quality. Mainly, because Prime is considered too fatty in retail settings.

Select-           Leaner than the higher grades. Fairly tender but may lack some juiciness and flavor of higher grades.

Standard-        Has no marbling. Will lack juiciness and flavor of higher grades.

Commercial-    May have marbling, but comes from a more mature animal and will lack tenderness.

Utility-             Meat from mature animals which lacks marbling.

Remember we only carry Grade A Chicken, Prime cuts of Pork and Choice Black Angus Beef.  

Well, I hope this helps in your understanding of the quality grades. A greater understanding of the grades will lead to you being able to pick out the better cuts of meat. Just remember fat is not the evil it is made out to be. In fact, most of it cooks up into the meat by the time it is ready for the plate. Thanks for the question keep them coming.

Until next time.... good grillin'!      - June 25, 2009


Savin' money

August 7, 2009

Dear Butcher,

I was looking at your packages and I was wondering if they really could save you money.


Mary H. Savannah, Ga.


Good question Mary,

With so many advertisements and people in your face trying to bid for your money it can get tricky to find out who is really telling you the truth. I know that meat is the more pricey item in your food budgets and we at Ogeechee strive to make sure that we give you the best prices available. You won't see the buy one get one sales here like the others, mainly because if you look at the price they actually jack up the prices to give you the offer. You end up not saving anything. We here at Ogeechee would rather lower the price for everyone than decieve you with a two for one sale.

But I digress, our packages are made with the practical meats that people eat everyday. There are no cheap filler meats, like neck bones or frozen chicken parts, in them. You will get the same meat that is in our cases when you order a package. The packages are also flexible... meaning that we can trade out something that your family doesn't eat (this goes on dollar value). And if you do the math you definitely save some cash. You can save anywhere from $10 with the smaller packs to $150 or more with the larger packs. AND that's just on our prices! If you were to take our list and go into another store and just write down the prices for the same items (remember we carry only Black Angus Choice Beef!) and quantities; do the math and add in the tax you will find that you can be saving tons of money every month. So when you get down to it you will save money while getting better quality meat.

So come on in and let us help you find a package that will fit your family. We can also help make one up especially for you. We feed a family of six every night so we understand your needs and wants.

Until next time, good grillin!    -- June 22, 2009


Great Grillin'

August 7, 2009
From: John B. Richmond Hill, Ga

Dear Butcher,

How can I ensure that I have a great grilling steak?


Well John,

This is actually a more common question than you would think. The question actually requires a little bit of explaining.

1) You need to pick a steak that fits your taste. Meaning, that you need a good marbled steak to hold up to the flames. The fat is what keeps the steak tender and moist. And you will need more fat for the more you like your steak cooked. If you like your steak well done- you will need a Rib eye, or T-Bone. If you like it medium or less you have a broader choice of NY Strip, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Top Sirloin and some others. Another way to get a good marbling is to pick a higher grade of beef. Prime has the most marbling and choice is next in line. I would never recommend anything less.

2) Marinate to taste. Marinating helps to make the steak more tender. Besides adding flavor, marinating starts the nature process of breaking down the meat.

3) Aging. Aging is letting the steak start the natural process of breaking down. This process takes time and is usually cost a bit but you can certainly do it at home by just buying your steak a few more days before you want to eat it.  

 So wrapping it up, I would just make sure you fit you preference to a steak. You can also marinate and age your steaks but in my personal opinion I just love a nice, fresh un-messed with steak. You pay for the steak you might as well taste it. I hope this answered it. I will be happy to walk anyone through the steaks in person at the shop. Until next time, good grillin'!    - May 29, 2009


Hey Everybody!

August 7, 2009

Welcome to the new Blog site. It is a special addition to our world where you can have direct acess to the man with the know how. You can ask any meat cutting, processing, slaughtering, selling, pricing,  shipping, storing questions you may have!! We look forward to learning from you all as much as we hope you will learn from us. So here is how it works...

You can ask by email: (remember to put ASK THE BUTCHER in the subject line)


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No question too little or too big. Go ahead. Something you just always wanted to ask?? We are all ears.

Thank you for your support and questions.

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