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Dear Butcher,

My family and I live in the Savannah area and purchase most of our meats from Sam's Club.  I have had always thought about purchasing it bulk from the meat market, but I am clueless about how to do it and what to ask for.  We are a family of four.  What is the price per pound?  How long would it last?  I guess I am asking for the how to's of purchasing meat this way.  Thanks so much!

Savannah, GA 


Thank you for your question. This may be a little lengthy but I want to properly answer your question so please bare with me. ;-)
Buying in bulk can save you a lot of time and money. Unfortunately, buying in bulk to warehouse grocers is buying two huge roast at a time or a whole pork loin. While this is great for large families it doesn't work as well for a family of six or smaller who find that the rest of the meat ends up being frozen and sometimes forgotten or unwanted until it is to late and it freezer burns. 
At Ogeechee we have several options of buying in bulk. If you are looking to feed a lot of people we offer whole cases of all we carry, as well as loins in beef and pork items. This is also good for families that eat a lot of something in particular like a loin of Rib Eyes or a loin of pork chops. These can be great tools for the family but they are usually more than what a family would need on a regular bases.
Here is where we separate our meat market from the warehouse grocer. We offer a line of meat packages; these packages are helpful for those of you who are trying to stay within a budget, have to feed a lot of mouths or just want to fill up the freezer. All of our meat is fresh and never frozen. These packages come in a variety of sizes and a variety of items. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for the families.
We know it is a little overwhelming at first to look at all the packages at once so here is how I would start rather than just going through all the packages. Pick a price range you want to spend and start looking at them that way. If you find a package you like but there is an item or two you don't want don't worry because we will trade out items for you. (we don't trade out more than three.)
Depending on how much you all eat... Deals #1-7 (3 lbs. each item) should do well for you or if your budget is bigger the Freezer Deals will do well too. The good thing about the Freezer Deals come vacuum packed the specifically the way your family needs it and is ready for the freezer.
So, here is the question... What do they cost per pound and is it worth it?? Depending on the package the price ranges from as little as $2.20 lb. to $4.50 lb.(the $4.50 are those bigger freezer steak deals) So yes, you definitely save. And with the smaller amounts you can get you don't have a million pork chops in the freezer at the end of the month not the lost freezer burnt steaks that were at the bottom.
So how long will it last? Well, our packages contain the same meat that is in our cases. That means it is all fresh and never frozen. If you get a non-vacuum packed package then it will last five to six weeks (if you just slip the items in a zip-lock freezer bag). If the package is vacuumed then the product can last as long as six months.
These packages add to the options for our customers. We have several who love to come in and just pick out what they eat out of the cases and then we have those who come in a buy a couple packages at a time.
I know this is a lot thrown at you but come on in and let us show you it is so much greater than it seems. We pride ourselves in our products and the quality we will not compromise. And we are positive that you will love our products and personal service to a point that is way above the super grocer.
If your still not sure come on in and try something out of the case or just ask anyone to help you go thru some packages. Everything is intimidating the first time. It only takes once to become a pro at Ogeechee Meat Market. We are the ones with the know-how! 
I hope I answered all your questions and feel free to email more. We can also talk it over on the phone or in person like I said.
Thank you for the question!! Keep'em coming!
Until next time, good grillin'!  

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