How did the Porterhouse get named?

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They there everyone, so last time we covered how the Boston Butt got it's name. Well, this time we are going to cover a more controversial item.  Many claim the original and the name has become one of the pinnacle in the steak world. So let's explore the more creditable claims to fame...

The Porterhouse Steak. The Oxford English Dictionary listed the origin as Manhattan’s Pearl Street around 1814 when the owner of a particular porter house, Martin Morrison, started serving rather large T-bones. A porter house was a bar and steak house that became popular back in the mid to late 1800's. And while Oxford English Dictionary lists Morrison as the origin it also makes clear that there is no supporting evidence so the debate continues.

Also laying claim to the origin of the name and awesomeness that is the Porterhouse Steak is a Cambridge, Massachusetts hotel and restaurant whose owner laid claim with naming the steak after him self, Zachariah B. Porter. And still the south lays claim to the name from Flowery Branch, GA where the famous 19th century hotel The Porter House says they were the first to coin the phrase.

But even amongst the argument of "who coined it first" all agree that the Porterhouse is a steak that has the best of both worlds; having the Beef Tenderloin (Filet Mignon) on one side and the N.Y. Strip on the other side of the bone it is a beef steak made for the hardiest of us.

Next time we will explore some more name origins. Until next time, good grillin'.

The Butcher.

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