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California's 390 tons of Ground Beef Recall!!

Posted by the Butcher on Friday, January 22, 2010, In : About the Market 

Earlier this week California started one of our country's largest meat recalls.
This is on the heels of a couple of years of meat recalls that have threatened our families and even at times our pets! It is amazing how some of these companies cannot be up to par with something that can hurt so many and ruin their reputations for ever.

That's why if not before than now more than ever you have to trust t...

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Beefing up

Posted by Ogeechee Butcher on Tuesday, October 13, 2009, In : About the Market 
Dear Butcher,

I heard from my neighbor that we can buy half cows from you. Could you tell me more about this?

Suzanne J.
Rincon, GA

Dear Suzanne,

Thanks for the inquiry! This is just one of the things that sets us apart from all of the other butcher shops in the greater area. We don't just offer halves of cows but also whole and quarters of cows; as well as, whole/half pigs. The meat is still the...
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How to's of Meal Deals

Posted by Ogeehcee Butcher on Tuesday, August 25, 2009, In : About the Market 
Dear Butcher,

My family and I live in the Savannah area and purchase most of our meats from Sam's Club.  I have had always thought about purchasing it bulk from the meat market, but I am clueless about how to do it and what to ask for.  We are a family of four.  What is the price per pound?  How long would it last?  I guess I am asking for the how to's of purchasing meat this way.  Thanks so much!

Savannah, GA 

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When pigs fly

Posted by Ogeechee Butcher on Wednesday, August 12, 2009, In : About the Market 
Dear Butcher,

Thank you for taking my question.  My family does not eat pork.  Are you willing to substitute chicken or beef for the pork items in the packages that you offer? 
Michelle Z.
Fort Stewart, GA 

Hey Michelle,
Yes, you can substitute out of our packages. We know that not everyone eats the same things and so we are flexible. The substitutions are done by the price value ...
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Savin' money

Posted by Ogeechee Butcher on Friday, August 7, 2009, In : About the Market 

Dear Butcher,

I was looking at your packages and I was wondering if they really could save you money.


Mary H. Savannah, Ga.


Good question Mary,

With so many advertisements and people in your face trying to bid for your money it can get tricky to find out who is really telling you the truth. I know that meat is the more pricey item in your food budgets and we at Ogeechee strive ...

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